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This is not a post about losing my NaNo buzz. I don’t need a pep talk, even though I’ll never turn down encouragement. I was perfectly jazzed about my new WIP and was kicking away at full speed for the last week, cranking out twice the suggested amount needed to have 50k by the end of November.

But then something happened.

Another story highjacked my brain and I mean HIGHJACKED it. Friday morning, I woke up at 5am because my bladder demanded it (which pissed me off because my alarm goes off at 6am and so I was cheated out of sleep). As I lay in bed, cursing the bottle of water I drank too close to bed time and my bladder for not holding on for another measly hour, this scene popped into my head: A girl rigging a bomb while a guy stands guard. Then they are running, trying to out run the rising sun, trying to out run the mutated people climbing out of the burrow holes in the ground around them.

I tell you, it just kept growing and growing and I haven’t been able to think of anything else. I haven't even been able to write up another interview with the next character from LIGHT BRINGERS. (You can check out the other two Interviews here, and here).

I forced myself to go back to the NaNa WIP on Sunday and I still love that story, I’m just cheating on it for a little while. It’ll understand. I’ll bring it some flowers, maybe a diamond, take it out to dinner. We might need to go to counseling, but it’ll forgive me eventually.

This new story will be my NaNo story now. I don’t think NaNo cares, as long as I write daily and the words total 50k, that’s all that matters. I feel confident that I’ll meet that goal between the two stories. I’ve just never had anything like this happen to me before so I thought this could mean something and so I shouldn’t ignore it.

Tell me, ever have a story highjack your brain?


That happened to me recently, where I was working on my current wip and then this other story popped in my head. I'm now writing both stories though the newer one is going a lot more slowly which is ok though it's going to take some getting used to. :) The older one is coming along nicely, though. :)
That new story sounds like a great idea, I hope that it becomes a great story for you. :) Happy writing. :)
Thanks! And good luck with your stories too.
Oh, how exciting! I love it when you get this scene in your head, and then it expands into a backstory and a present and a future. It's just... awesome.

In fact, my first book was a story highjack. I was writing an adult sci-fi novel when *poof* my brain could only think of a strong-willed American teen, the leader singer in a band, discovers she's the so-called chosen one of an alien race (hate the word alien, blah! Sounds so dumb!). Anyway, I wrote that book in 11 days when I'd been slaving on the prevoius sci-fi one for several years. :-)
That alien one sounds cool! And although the word alien doesn't bother me, I'm the same way with saying my characters have "powers", it seems so lame-lol.
Awesome!! That's the sign of a good story. I've got a sci-fi licensed magic story that likes to grab me. It's been quite kind, usually just a scene or two then it lets me get back to Deep Within
Sci-fi licensed magic sounds interesting...keep me posted!
I think you know what has hijacked my brain, so consequently I have loads of story ideas waiting around to be written, with only bits and pieces of any of them actually done.
As long as your brain is highjacked by something, that's all that matters! lol.

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